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What's the use of keeping fish eagles? What's a fish hawk for?-Zhongxi Toy Network

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Update time : 2024-04-19

  What's the use of keeping fish eagles? What's a fish hawk for?

  What's the use of keeping fish eagles? What's a fish hawk for?

  The osprey can help people fish after being domesticated, and it is a good helper for human beings! It is very important to feed it after fishing.

  Because this bird is very easy to domesticate, fishermen in southern China domesticate this bird to drive fishing. Erya in the Han Dynasty and Records of Foreign Bodies written by Yang Fu in the Eastern Han Dynasty all contain that cormorants can fish in deep water and residents near lakes and marshes can raise more fish.

  The way to domesticate cormorants is to catch cormorants, raise them for a few days and let them tame. When training, first tie the cormorant's feet with a long rope, and the other end of the rope is tied to the shore of the river port. Just drive it into the water and tell it to fish in the water. When the fish is caught, the trainer makes a special cry in his mouth, calls the cormorant back to the shore, and feeds it with small fish. After eating, go to the water to catch fish.

  Help people fish.

  Because of its superb fishing skills, fast diving catches fish with a hooked mouth in the water, which has been domesticated and used for fishing since ancient times. In Yunnan, Guangxi, Hunan and other places, cormorants are still domesticated for fishing. In the rivers, lakes and beaches in the southeast of China, it used to be common to see several or more artificially trained cormorants (commonly known as osprey and water duck) standing on narrow boats.

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